Fire cracker ban
November 12, 2023
ଶତାବ୍ଦୀର ଶେଷ ସନ୍ଧ୍ୟା
November 20, 2023

Once had been to a 7D game center and envisioned one of the roller coaster ride games. It was horrifying…suddenly there would be end of tracks and it’ll take you 50ft down…some twisting bending etc..When I felt too frightened just looked up and around and absolutely there was no turmoil, everything stable, a smiling operator enjoying our screams….today when look back, feel that our life is nothing less than such a horrifying roller coaster ride…with ups and downs, falls and rises, thrills and despair and so on…when we look up or close our eyes and see within it’s all so calm over there as if we stayed and the life rolled on…and the operator is smiling at us…
#spiritualpractice #drvpacharya #Manakatha #maya #artofliving

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