Abandoning the Apsaras
April 10, 2022
An ode to my mop
April 10, 2022

When I post one-liners few understand, few like them just because they love me and most of them don’t understand. Few understand in a lighter manner. If I myself get back to such a line after few days, all options seem quite right. Usually these one-liners I post come after contemplating over a trail of thoughts or after my meditation session. After request from few of my friends I felt it is my moral responsibility to explain these.

AM I BETTER THAN YESTERDAY?? This is in context with our spiritual growth, inner evolution.

However, in ordinary sense also one can think in the line of a skill or in very mundane thought about physical beauty. Evolving in a skill is nothing less than a step towards evolution as the spiritual masters advise us to do every small bit of thing with utmost sincerity. Growing in a skill shows that your brain has acquired a newer domain and it’s the reflection of your innovation. This is nothing less divine.

Regarding physical beauty– if you are more beautiful than yesterday, you manifest the Divine more than before and nothing wrong in that too.

However, what I meant here was about our spiritual growth and inner strength. Spiritual learning are ample nowadays in the form of many spiritual masters, books, journals, motivational talks, FB and Whats-app posts.

People who attend Satsangs (Spiritual discourses) are inwardly very proud of doing something great and start preaching like someone preaching on food habits who has recently reduced few pounds of fat! Bookish knowledge also stays with someone a bit longer and with time fades into oblivion after delivering to a crowd, if not a crowd at least to your spouse, who is bound to listen to you to maintain marital harmony.

One good post comes in Facebook or Whats-app and we are ready to share it to “n” number of people and groups–one, to show that we are not indulging in any bad substance circulating and second, to show how knowledgeable we are.

After forwarding with a feel good effect we are back to square one. Bottom line is however much you read about sugar, you can’t know the taste of it unless until you put a few granules on your tongue!

Similar is the path of spiritual Sadhana (spiritual practice). By reading scriptures we can pose as wise persons but inner cleansing comes through regular practice.

Suppose we want to overcome our anger and start working upon it…everyday consciously we should ask–AM I BETTER THAN YESTERDAY??

If you are trying to overcome your craving for a cup of tea, everyday consciously alert your mind while denying to it and ask AM I BETTER THAN YESTERDAY??

All of us know what is wrong and what is right. Not in one day all attributes can be acquired. One step at a time…one divine quality at a time….failures will be there but of course it is a gradual process. Try to keep the graph of learning escalating and intermittently ask—AM I BETTER THAN YESTERDAY??

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