An ode to my mop
April 10, 2022
Bitter sweet neem
Bitter-sweet NEEM
April 10, 2022

Wonderful is the faculty of brain…still wonderful is its capability to forget…

What am I really trying to say?? How come forgetfulness be a wonderful thing! We toil so much to memorise names, numbers, studies…..But you may be amazed to know that our brain has a capacity to forget 82% within 24 hours. Hence we stress so much on students to revise and memorise the subject matters. Now this is called Bismruti..one manifestation of the divine. Why divine? Forget about studies…think about the fights, jealousy, anger, fear and the negative thoughts of the likes…would you like to hold it forever to your heart?? What will happen if you remain in grief of losing your near and dear ones in the same intensity for years as you had the grief on his/her demise day! If you are angry with someone in the same intensity as it had begun on day 1…probably you’ll be charred with your own anger! Had Bismruti would not have been there, the world would have come to a halt!!

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