Bitter sweet neem
Bitter-sweet NEEM
April 10, 2022
Christmas and candle lighting
Christmas and candle lighting
April 10, 2022


Keep blessing…..
Come what may.
Keep blessing any way.

You feel low,
You feel high
Keep blessing anyway…….

You feel bitter
And a bit battered;
Keep blessing anyway…….

You feel ditched
You feel pampered;
Keep blessing anyway…….

You are winning
Or at the verge of losing
Keep blessing anyway……

“Who will bless whom?”
The ‘lotus’ blooms aglow
With perplexity in eyes….

The ‘inner call’ thunders
‘Thou blesseth thou’
For the ‘Universe’ is ‘You’.

Keep blessing,
If ‘All is well’,
Keeps the vibe alive and bright.

Keep blessing;
Even at the lowest of low,
Who has seen
What next He may play!!!

Being blessed,
Or keep blessing;
It bounces back
Grace in bounty,
Filling the inner-self
With amity serene.

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