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April 12, 2022
e-garbage: shedding crocodile tears??
April 12, 2022
Generic Vs Branded

When I started prescribing a drug for my ailing friend by habit jotted down a brand name which is time tested for me and suddenly recalled…ooops! I’ve to mention the generic name and scribbled the generic name for the drug. My acquaintance frantically calls from the pharmacy that the drug is not available …I wondered how come such a common drug not available Suddenly it struck my mind that we are in India where pharmacies are not run alone by pharmacists but any Tom, Dick and Harry can work under him, who might not have even crossed Matric (10th standard) and who just see the packs and recognise by colours and may be the first alphabets. I asked my friend ‘De phone taku’ (let me talk to the guy). I’d to spell out the brand name and lo! In no time it was there in my friend’s hand.

To ban brand name is not the solution, rather it’s making uniform pricing for all drug companies…if it’s to be Paracetamol then there should not be more than 10% variation between different brands and most importantly there should be strict quality check for all drugs. Doctors have no issues in writing generic drugs but after all it’s patients’ lives that we are more concerned for. Many budding local companies make the same drugs with less efficacy and may even be adulterated. Now that doctors are asked to write generic drugs it’s up to the pharmacy to sell the drugs from any company…and they won’t hitch to sell drugs of those companies which give them more margin. India is different and it’s problem should be dealt keeping in view of its origin and population and their behaviour….Enough damage has been done by the film star on the reality show, India is facing the badness of media now…where patients surrendered before doctors for their ailments earlier and got cured easily now are sceptical about everything. Instead of Gods as they saw in a doctor’s chair now they see cheats, black marketeers. The trust is gone. Doctors never wished to be deified but at least they expect people should treat them as humans….

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