April 16, 2022
Practice of humility
April 25, 2022
Happy EARTH DAY 2020

Ah! Mother Earth is sighing deep and easy…after all these years She has got a chance to yawn and twist a bit…otherwise there was no respite with ever-overloaded roads with unrest, listless crowd, maddened after delusion of leisure which incurred more distress to them at weekends, air darkened with exhaust from our vehicles and our fraustrated minds, green leaves grey with dust of confusion and desperation….

I hope this lockdown would have unleashed a thousand of opportunities to all of us as to what we can do by staying home at weekends, which are actually meant for relaxing, not for roaming around and again getting tired and getting “Monday Blues”…

Somewhere the trend started and it grappled the entire world! In the name of chilling out actually we are blowing our energy further. Mindless congregations at food outlets, clubs…are they really essential? Let’s not take the plea of economy….these food vendors or restaurants can do far better things than selling diseases in the form of junk food!

The discussions will be endless….but over all these years this is the best “Earth Day” that our Mother earth might have experienced.

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