ସୁପର ବୋହୂ
June 24, 2022
Dr. VP Acharya
June 24, 2022
Dr VP acharya

Let go…
Of the flowers in the vase,
Shriveled and lacking a life;
Let go…
Of the old wall hangings
Tethered and dusty;
Let go…
Of your faded dresses
Shredded shoes,
Trinkets that have turned black.
Let go…
Of your grief
For ‘This too shall pass’
Life is a dream within dream.
Let go…
Of your anger
For it is burning you,
You but no one else.
Let go…
Of your fear
For it is a shell made by you
Encaging you in delusion;
Let go…
Of your avarice
For none can you take,
When you go from here.
Let go…
Of the tarnished relations
You were destined to walk a while together
Now YOU have to tread alone.
Let go…
When time demands
For all of them have an expiry,
The sooner, it is better;
For YOU are a soul to fly free!

Prof (Dr) Viyatprajna Acharya

At times we cling too much to the material things, to our emotions, to our relationships. Without our knowledge, we get entangled in trivial things. The sooner we “Let go” of our attachment to them, the happier we are. Happiness and peace are our birth-rights after all. Tread happily on your eternal soul journey casting away the negativities.

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