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June 20, 2024
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June 30, 2024

Dr. Viyatprajna Acharya
Professor, Biochemistry
Ahh…what’s so special about this yellow Allamanda (Suna kaniara in Odia)! Some camera tricks and yes, it looks good…but not enough to make the central theme of a blog!
Some may say pooooh! We have plenty of these in our garden and in many colours.
Well, the story is a bit different here. It’s a story of a survival against all odds, a resurgence after 2 severe cyclones! 2 years of barrenness and yes, now it has started blooming.
The gardener here is a busy one rather than lazy one but very desperate to bring about a good result in her plants. By God’s grace we have a wide corridor and a benevolent neighbour who has never complained of the plants and thus we have planted 30 odd saplings.
This Allamanda sapling I procured from a nursery almost 2 years back, that time it had bloomed and happily, I brought it along. But after that it never really showed up its beautiful yellow yield.
I waited patiently….feeling its pains…like a woman who got an abortion in the first attempt and thereafter couldn’t bear a child. My hubby would come and ask– “why don’t you simply pull it out and plant something else?” Kids would ask, “What kind of flower it’ll bear Bou (Bou is the Odia term for Mother in Odia)?”
It was as if the plant was saying to me…”You have seen na, I had borne flowers some days back….would you not wait with little more patience? Look, I was denuded by the slash of cyclone Fani and I picked up from nothing…My roots kept me standing and strong. I am trying…but nothing is happening.”
Then I would whisper to her,” Oh Dear! I totally believe in your potential. Yes, I know you can bear flower once again. I don’t have any doubts…shhhhh! Don’t listen to anyone, am here to protect you.”
Then it’d wistfully ask me, ” Why do you look sorry then? Are you thinking to send me to the common garden from this pot? But I have developed a tie with you…Ohh! how I’ll miss your expectant glance at me…I’ll miss your soft caress and the soft words and positive vibes you and the girls shower on me. I may not actually survive there…and for whom shall I bloom…the minute people will see me bearing a bud they will snatch it before it can show how beautiful a flower could have been. Ah, yes! I may be placed at the feet of the idols people call God…but no one will know except few that I can really bloom.”
I would say, ” Oh dear! You are overthinking. I am just thinking probably I am going somewhere wrong. Probably the soil is not just perfect for you, maybe I am not providing you the proper nourishments…but…just chill…I am going to have you up here and we’ll win”
The plant was assured and swayed in breeze gay and light. And astonishing me a week back it started budding! What a pleasant surprise! Today morning on the occasion of Rathyatra it bloomed into a full flower! The anguish gone, a soul so satisfied, a winner twinkling. Asked my younger daughter to take this picture and send it to me.
Yes, I offered it to Lord Jagannath mentally, didn’t pluck it…after all this is her winning day! A stamp that she is not barren!
Jay Jagannath!!!

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