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March 18, 2023
smile please
Smile Please
May 11, 2023

“Please read the article, just don’t click like on seeing the picture below”
My 9 year old daughter covered this following pic with both her hands and said, “Bou (In Odia we address mother as Bou), please don’t look at this picture”…and she turned the page. Later when I went through this Sunday edition of a reputed English daily being published in Odisha, of which I was very proud of, due to its rich quality of news, articles covering multifarious topics and the richness of English language, came across this semi-nude picture of some budding Odia model.
Few thoughts crossed my mind:
1. Do the newspaper people have to come down to yellow journalism to sell their news?
2. Am I outdated?
3. The model is seen with her mother in another adjacent pic, is the mother really proud of her daughter???
1. In lieu of fast growth media is going to any extent…I feel if we slow down a bit then we can play longer. May be it is time to think about the impact of media on our future generation. Impact is just not’s medical and spiritual as well.
2.No, I’m not outdated…a small girl also understands what is right , what is wrong. It’s simply wrong. Our Odisha is still conservative and am proud of it. When we talk about women liberalisation, it’s liberating women from ‘purdah’, not baring the body for others to drool at! I wonder how girls can be so foolish to bare their body..if they are comparing themselves with boys on every aspect, then first they should look around that none of the boys go on showing their body. Women should be empowered with knowledge, physical power and not be presented as a sex object!
3. Don’t know about the model’s mother and her proud feeling about her daughter but it is the first and foremost duty of all mothers to educate their child about what is correct–daughters about maintaining feminity and humility yet maintaining strength within and boys to respect all women.

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