Abandoning the Apsaras
April 10, 2022

Once a guy sitting in the last bench who was a little elder than rest of the children in the class stood up to argue with the teacher about the metaphorical explanation of the poem that the teacher was explaining. The teacher was infuriated and said you are arguing as if you are the poet yourself.

The humble student said, “Actually yes, I am the poet”. This was the story of Late Shri Radhamohan Gadanayak, a great poet of Odisha, India, as told by my teacher in school who knew him personally. In fact, later I found the great poet living right on the corner of my aunt’s house in Angul but could never meet him in person for different reasons unfortunately.

The cause of bringing this issue here was to say that poetry is often misunderstood, so are the one-liners. The quotes that we come across, might be a manifestation of a heap of thoughts in the background…the context, the matter all may be different as per writer’s expression and reader’s perception.

When one loves someone, it is 80-90% his/her own imagination and 10-20% the person with whom he/she has fallen in love.

Like the above quote that I wrote…if I don’t explain I won’t be doing justice to the quote or my thoughts.

When we start loving a person (won’t say falling in love), we take up a few attributes of that person like his/her smile, a dimple on the cheek, long hair, wide torso, height, colour, a good gesture, good mannerism, good food habit …. which would be hardly within 10-20% of the entire persona.

When we reflect back, we add up rest 80% from our imagination as per our perception of good and bad so that it increases our acceptance for the person concerned. Finally, we create a mental image which we love with 20% original and 80% imaginary.

If that mental image materializes before the person concerned whom we love, even he/she will get a big jolt…aiyoooo…who is this???

Probably, this is the cause why in marital life, people start wavering from the relationship after a small period. They find an altogether a very different person from their imagination and deviate into alternate paths if fail to accept this new stranger.

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, many souls will be attracted to each other, express their deepest desires, every social media will be flooded with messages on love, each ad popping will have something to offer for V-day, yet how deluded we are about LOVE!!

Love… is a flow but not just an incident. No one really falls in love…if it is falling, know that it is lust..not love. True love will elevate you, exalt you, fill you with gratitude and fulfillment. When real LOVE will be understood, everyday will be V-Day.❤️❤️❤️


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