Clerk generating education system

August 5, 2023
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Media impact
September 23, 2023


Prof (Dr)Viyatprajna Acharya

Biochemistry, KIMS

The British had introduced western education to generate clerks…we are still following it😐
I was teaching History to my 8th grader and found that Lord Macaulay had said that oriental learning was every way inferior to Western learning. By that time, they had produced enough sycophant Zamindaars and starving peasants for which his statement was probably swallowed easily. That was the era when British needed lot of clerks to look after the accounts and getting them from England was a costly affair. Hence, they groomed clerks here in India.
Lot of information to be learnt and vomited in the exam and forget and re-learn. The same practice is still on. What I observe in our education pattern is to learn information i.e. learning History, what already existed. In that sense at least Mathematics has some value.
English literature- they have a lesson on Dr Kiran Bedi. Lot of info to be mugged up and then questions asked…what were the awards won by her?…In which year she became IPS…But will there be questions like —do we need more women IPS police officers? If you want to be like her, how you’ll groom yourself from now on? If you want to better yourself than her what else you would do?
History- No mention about regional history. I don’t see any chapter in history that’ll make an Indian child proud of their past. Very cursorily our glorious past has been mentioned and then taken to the dark age of Mughal invasion, different wars and what paved the way of British into India. I am ashamed of putting my kids into CBSE medium where they’ll never learn what their Odia school counterparts will know…about our great Kharvela, who built the Konark, about the great patriots of Odisha, about Veer Surendra Sai…
Science- My 5th grader is overburdened with all organ system details, as if it is destined that the whole bunch of kids will become doctors. She knows details of dental anatomy, cardiovascular system, agricultural science of AgTech level, mining of geology level……. And the sorry state of affairs is, when we receive medical students in college, they are unable to name a few vitamins , forget about the classification and functions, which they have been reading from 4th standard.
Our education system is simply thrusting knowledge of what is already known. Have we ever asked our children—how they want to have their surrounding? Do they really know what is patriotism? Instead of making them mug up some science project, have we asked them to solve small problems with their innovations??
NO- we have killed their creativity. With a population of 142+ crores, how many Nobel prizes have we bagged? How many innovations, concepts have we really added? Sorry to say…..we have generated only clerks😌

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