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September 13, 2023
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Dr (DR)Viyatprajna Acharya


Professor Biochemistry, author, researcher, innovator
Whichever news channel you flick today, there is news about Bollywood and drugs. In OTT platforms, it is still more prevalent. On top of that use of cuss words is rampant.
2 years back or so, I had written a short post about why I felt disgusted after watching “Zindagi milegi naa dobaara” though it depicted to live life fully and remain at the present moment. Every moment it reminded that rules and regulations are futile and should not be obeyed marring own desires. Later many other movies have followed suit.
Every alternate scene had shown heroes with beer, alcohol…and more alcohol. Bollywood movies though exaggerate, mostly show the picture of contemporary society. And at times they introduce new changes in society, enhance the evils in manifold which was dormant or in 1-2%.
In 90’s movies if hero used to come home after a drink, he used to enter hideously to his home and suddenly a bulb is switched on and one of the parents will be seen waiting in a corner for the son (drinking among girls was shown only among spoilt girls from dirty rich families) and gives a tight slap and asks…Tu peeke aaya hai (are you drunk)???
Hero will be averting gaze from mother/father. On the contrary, now actors are seen partying and dancing in pubs, drugging and the strict parents are out of the scene. Anytime of the day they can chill with a beer bottle in their hands or puff a cigarette and that is a cool thing. Now that alcohol has been stealthily inserted to young brains, what next? DRUGS….that also Bollywood movies have nicely put into the subconscious minds of young brains.
If you say that it is the fault of parents who couldn’t monitor or the child him/herself who got carried away, then you are too mistaken. Probably you have not understood the psychology behind the advertisements.
Last over…7 runs to be scored out of 6 balls (cricket match)…nail biting moment, you are in full focus…ad comes “Yahi hai right choice Babyyyyyy…ahaaa—Pepsi” …match gets over, you forget the match after a few days but you caught the ad of Pepsi in your subconscious minds.
If the society has degraded to this extent that every other actor is now found out to be a Charsi (Drug addict), which is quite shameful , is all due to promotion of smoking, boozing and drugging being promoted by the Bollywood. Moreover, I observed recently that in OTT platforms there is no statutory warning flashed at the bottom corner when a scene with alcohol or smoking comes up.
Now also it is not too late, good people should open up their mouth on nudity, distortion of Indian history, drug abuse, insertion of wrong practices in the form of social reforms…or else ZINDAGI MILEGI NA DOBAARA.

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