April 30, 2024
Roti lessons
Roti lessons
May 26, 2024

Dr. Viyatprajna Acharya.
What is life? But a bundle of memories and a bouquet of dreams.
And hard we strive to be in other people’s memories forever. We treasure our memories too and try to store them in different forms. The struggle is between technologies and our strong desire to preserve our memories but there is a constant race between us. We , the poor mortals who are hell bent upon preserving our memories and “Time” which tries to wipe out everything.
We wrote on palm leaves, diaries, books so as to make the world remember us. Then came the modern technologies…we stored in audio cassettes, video cassettes, floppy discs, CDs, pen drives, hard disks and cloud…..
But half of the technologies are already lost just in 3-4 decades and we do not know what is next ??? We keep on changing the storage mode from one to the other and always think that, finally we have done it.
But hardly we know that “Kaalo jagadbhakshakam” Time will devour on everything.
Yet another story is how much history actually should be believed? In just half a decade, a hero becomes a villain, a demon is deified…”jo jeeta wohi sikandar”– He who wins becomes a demigod.
Over 70 years we, Indians, as a supreme race have been made to believe in terms of our history books that Aryans are invaders, there was no prowess in Indian Kings…many gaps are there where true leadership lacked, we do not know the real heroes who actually helped in building the nation !
Today too whatever is published in different media is going to become history for our future generation…but alas! Who’ll know what the true story was !
Yet, everyday we strive to preserve our memories….our pictures, videos, achievements….when gallery of mobile becomes full, transfer it to laptop/ desktop…from there to pen drive/ hard drive…when tired of all these, search for cloud storage….and we live on with a falsity that we have secured our memories!!
If we see, in comparison, our temples have stood the test of time bit better and tell us many stories of those era. But of course with evolution of language, we are unable to decipher the script today without experts but the idols speak a lot.
When late Padma Bibhushan Raghunath Mohapatra claimed that he can build a second Konark, he should have allowed to do it but with a difference that the idols should speak today’s stories and not about dancing damsels. They should depict the current fashion, teaching modes, communication and commutation modes, our parliament house etc.
Now also in Ayodhya temple we should depict the stories of current time instead of adorning the walls with plants, animal motifs etc. The best stories should be chosen and given shape that will be a guiding force to the future generations.
Which stories we should engrave that should speak of our great times after 1000 years? What is your opinion?
9th May- Death anniversary of Padma Bibhushan Raghunath Mohapatra.
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