April 27, 2024
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May 19, 2024

(On International dance day)
DrViyatprajna Acharya
Professor, Biochemistry
When I incurred a small spinal fracture due to a fall, initially I was in a denial, then was afraid to do too much of lifting, driving and finally made some time for myself to go and get physiotherapy sessions. I was afraid to take up my routine cycling (outdoor) and Odissi dance practice and frankly speaking nor the physiotherapist or the doctors could guide me whether to quit these activities absolutely or partially. Later I have joined a yogasana session.
But then wherever I am seeing yogasana classes or physiotherapy sessions, they are at par with the warm up exercises of Odissi dance. Like brushing teeth or taking a shower these two activities (cycling and dancing) were intertwined in my morning routine which I left but of late realized, I could have maintained both after the acute injury period.

My point is, if these Odissi warm up steps and the Chauka and Tribhanga steps are done regularly, it is nothing less than doing asana, bandha, pranayama. It builds our muscle strength like any other exercise patterns. Each and every large to small muscles work in great coordination and it requires immensely good memory as well to perform a dance. Classical dance forms demand excellent hand-eye-body coordination. Holding on to a single posture for a long time, is tougher than doing planks. Every day is leg day, hand day, upper body and lower body day here. One has to keep listening to the music, keep changing steps, give apt facial expressions and a single step missed may totally mar the performance. Altogether it is a multi-tasking activity which enhances a child’s overall brain activity.

As I always say, there’s a science in all art forms and art in every scientific arena, unless until the postures of Odissi or any other classical dance forms are studied from medical science point of view, we cannot realize their significance.

However, not all are lucky to get good Gurus and may pick up the art form very wrongly and may actually not benefit out of it. Starting at early age is definitely recommended but if one has sincere desire, can pick up at any age like yogasana, gymming or any other sports activity. I would like to thank from bottom of my heart to all my initial day gurus, then Guru Sundar Patel, Guru Minati Pradhan, Guru Dusmanta Maharana and my mother to keep the spark alive in my very busy schedule during studies and job life.

Certain myths hover around that if you quit dancing, you will gain weight. Same happens with sportspersons, body builders, gym-goers too. Instead of freaking over too many activities, we can choose one and if one is inclined to dancing, then certainly one should choose a classical dance form.

Dance is considered as a medium of surrender to the Almighty through Bhaktirasa in this land. We, the Odias are proud to have our own classical language, classical dance forms and classical music status is also may be conferred soon. Let’s take pride in our art and culture and nurture it to benefit the mankind.
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