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April 16, 2024
April 30, 2024

Prof DrViyatprajna Acharya

These Eureka moments might have been there in everybody’s lives, though not every idea doesn’t go for patents. If a root cause analysis done, why we get brilliant ideas in bathrooms, we may find different answers.

Once we enter in, no one can disturb us there unless until we go beyond the desirable time period there. Moreover, unless we finish our nature calls, we are also bound to stay there. That gives us a period of absolute lone moment.

Since we can’t come out and cannot do much about anything that is happening in the outside world, we allow our mind to be released of all tensions and make it a crucible to hold the descending thoughts. More so the unventured areas of thought actually funnel in. It is more or less like a meditative state and hence receives some brilliant thoughts.

Though in modern era, aping the West, we allowed our toilets to have western latrines (commode), our age-old technique that was followed since ages, was to squat and defeacate in Indian latrines. Nowadays, again the yogacharyas are teaching this Malaasana (Pic attached), Indian squat posture. By this asana, all negativities go off and we are ready for the day. In our Indian practice again, again we have the practice of going to toilet twice a day both to clear the bowel as well as let go off the negativity of mind. But modern medicine has changed the definition of normal bowel movement to “thrice a day or once in 3 days”- on what basis, can’t say.

Recently we celebrated copyright day and today it is “World intellectual property day”. Keeping with the current trend, we Indians have progressed to march forward and make patents (now 4th position in the world) but Indian philosophy says “Knowledge has no copyright” and when after writing Veda no one has claimed, how do we dare to claim patents on researches and discoveries. However, being in the trend I too have made 5 patents and all my work is a tribute to my nation and mankind.
Immensely thankful to DrBijay Sahoo for introducing me to the world of IPR and patent, Mr. Biswaranjan Acharya for helping me in doing the first ever patent, all my co-workers, SOA and KIIT Universities, for giving me the platform.
Shubhamastu—Let peace prevail
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