Gratitude to God and Sri Gurudev – Road accident in Puri

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July 25, 2023
August 5, 2023

Though I prefer to post the happy and positive posts here, today it’s more of a gratitude post, a post regarding concern of bad traffic and concern for the youth.

Yesterday as we were just nearing beach road in Puri, suddenly a boy of 19-20 years came from wrong side and crossing one auto, dashed against my car and literally was flung unto air and crashing my glass fell down between my car and road divider. Later came to know that he was also talking over phone and had no DL and he was speeding at 60kmph and trying to cross transversely across the road.

By God’s grace and Gurudev’s blessings we didn’t even had a single scratch and later visited the boy in the hospital who had incurred mild injuries. But the boy seemed quite delinquent and was adamant on quitting the ward and go home. Later came to know that without informing anyone he had fled from hospital and gone home.

Few questions arise in my mind.
1. Why such callous attitude in Puri traffic when people from all over the world are thronging to visit the famous Jagannath temple every day!
2. Why there is no stringency on DL, Wrong side driving, wearing helmets?

3. What would have happened if I were not in lower speed and not applied the brakes instantaneously. Probably we 5 would have been killed or heavily injured.

4. Had the auto dashed with the guy, the auto would have dashed against my car from left side and probably the damages would have been more grievous.

5. Why the youth is so restless and irresponsible!

6. Shouldn’t there be strict checking on helmet, driving with mobile phones, seat belts, drunken/drugged driving?

Always I felt that in just a normal day, countless blessings and prayers cocoon us.
Thanks to the onlookers who came to our strong support and gave eyewitness as to how the guy had sped from nowhere in very high speed and tried to cross the road transversely from wrong side. The boy was of 20 years and didn’t have a driving license yet. Two of our KIIT staff were of immense help to us throughout the process.
Gratitude to God and Sri Gurudev

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