Laxmi Purana
Laxmi Purana
April 10, 2022
Letter to editor
Letter to Editor on Odisha Bundh
April 10, 2022

There are 3 types of “Eshana” (ଏଷଣା, एषणा )- the desires that keep us reinforced in the Karmic cycle. Bitteshana (Desire for money, वित्तेषणा), Putreshana (desire for a putra i.e. getting a wife and having a family life and the vice versa for the opposite gender, पुत्रेषणा) and Yasheshana (Desire for name and fame, यशेषणा ).

Out of these three, the latter one i.e. Yasheshana is probably everlasting and highly intoxicating. Once we get into it, hardly there’s an escape from its clutches.

Be it the household, an office or a political authority position, once a person gets into that position and gets lot of adulations and accolades and is surrounded by quite a few sycophants embalming always with flowery speech, it becomes difficult for him or her to get down from that position.

But the fact is, everything is given to us for a very short period of time and during that period, our behaviour towards others and our deeds and sacrifices for the mass is what people remember when we descend the throne.

One of the major responsibilities of such post-holders who are presumably leaders is to hand-hold their subordinates to run the system after them smoothly. During their reign, they must generate at least 5 such leaders with equal or better prowess knowing that their post is quite ephemeral, short-lasting.

But instead, they cling to their post with insecurity, sacrificing the thought of building a better society and rather shun the talent of their subordinates. At times they are deluded that, they run the system at its best and go blind to the enormous possibilities the successors can bring forth.

P.S. : This is not against any single person, a political party or any institution but my personal view about leadership and “Loka sangraha” i.e. with time grooming future leaders.

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