Dr. VP Acharya
My Love, My Cycle
June 24, 2022
Dr. VP Acharya
Semal Bloom
June 24, 2022
Dr. VP Acharya

Prof (Dr) Viyatprajna Acharya


Or Re-Lived!!

The moment when I first stepped

The threshold of the learning temple,

Re-lived the bowing before

Ganapati, the slayer of ordeals,

Re-lived the hurried bustling

Towards imprinting my seal.

Re-lived the cherished memories of

Greeting in the corridors,

Threading relationships

Non-expecting and so pure!

Re-lived the fights for

Parking cars terrible,

Huffing puffing and walking

From half a mile

Settling in time at my table!

Re-lived my Divine romance

Listening to lines spiritual,

That made my three-quarters (45 minutes) journey

Cake-walk and filled with elixir

That boosted my vital.

Re-lived the seminars, congregations

“Prasad sevan”s and  humming in the auditorium,

Also the spectra of

Power-packed performances

Legal and ethical discussions.

What is life?

A bundle of memories and a bouquet of dreams…..

Re-lived the memories,

Embraced the dreams;

I keep you all in my prayers and

Wish the same for me,

Let us all grow in bounty

And achieve the Supreme.

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