Dr. VP Acharya
June 24, 2022
Dr. VP Acharya
Shackle of death
June 24, 2022
Dr. VP Acharya

Neither had I got the caress of the caregiver like a rose,

Nor did I adorn the living room like a croton or a cactus,

Neither got I a place in the braids of a beauty like jasmine or Malati;

Yes, they praised my fiery pink while passing by with joy –

Nice is this Semal bloom!

Never could I exalt anyone with my fragrance

Like Jui and Hena-

Nor could I intoxicate anyone

Like exotic Kaamini.

Far from regrets; I’ve done my bit

Fulfilled the divine’s wish-

A flower is to bloom

And I have manifested divine in my pink hue.

Translation by- Dr Viyatprajna Acharya

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