Dr. VP Acharya
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June 24, 2022
Dr. VP Acharya
The cycle
June 24, 2022
Dr. VP Acharya

Prof (Dr) Viyatprajna Acharya


Once a sage didn’t allow a Yamaduta to take lives by an epidemic. Finally, the Yamaduta had to plead that he’ll take only 3 lives and leave and the sage agreed.

But the epidemic continued and again the sage summoned the Yamaduta for breaching the contract. Yamaduta said, “I took only 3 lives, rest are dying due to panic”.

Don’t we understand that panic can affect immune system? At this hour we need a strong immunity system for the good. Medicines may help but immune system will cure you.

Concern and taking precaution are one thing, rumour spreading and undue panic is another thing. We have to be strong from within and then can evade any kind of agent.

Salute to the healthcare givers, Police, airport officials service providers, even small grocers, vegetable vendors…. who are coming into direct contact of many unknown people every day…please do take care of your physical, mental and spiritual being.

It is a fight between a bad force and your consciousness. The bad force that was created to conquer the world is now dragging the entire mankind into the shackle of fear of death.


What I wrote last year in March, this year it is really showing its true colours. Last year people bragged about testing facilities, this year they are demanding oxygen and increasing hospital beds, more preparedness….but how many beds, how many litres of oxygen, how many shots of vaccine can cater to your fear??

None…no amount of facilities can really help you. The world was waiting for this panic and you are falling prey to it.

Few may get angry, few may criticise, few may agree, few others may strongly disagree….for past 6 months I have not watched TV, had exited from majority WhatsApp groups. But still I get news in bits and pieces through screenshots of Tweets, news links and I feel I am abreast with most of the developments in drugs, vaccines, about the charities, about the real face of Big Brother playing Western countries, help from other countries and so on…..

In the bargain what did I gain? Mental peace…..People may say I live in fool’s paradise but let it be. I have been calmly doing all my duties that are expected from me. Doing regular teaching, delivering talks, keeping academics running, doing lab duties where just in my adjacent room beyond the wall the COVID patient samples are centrifuged with a whir, looking after family, neighbours and reassuring patients….nothing has been affected so far.

Certain questions arise in my mind that I lay open for my readers to help me in answering.

  1. US says no raw materials will be provided for vaccine– can I help here? What are Bureaucrats and Ministry is for? Can I intervene anyway?
  2. Oxygen plants are not enough- by repeatedly seeing the news, one of my non-COVID acquaintances became hypoxic (feeling lack of oxygen)
  3. A doctor dies in Rajasthan- I never would have bothered in other times, should I bother now?
  4. Am I immortal?
  5. Is my consciousness so evolved that I can overcome the fear of death which is described as “MahatBhaya” (the greatest fear)?
  6. Shouldn’t I grieve on so many deaths taking place in US, UK or any other countries, which I hardly cared for earlier?
  7. India is hiding statistics of disease and death…who has checked the facts and who is going to vouch for other countries’ stats?
  8. Am I the only one who sees “forwarded many times” videos of Indian healthcare system collapsing, cadavers burnt in masses, dearth of cremation facilities, dearth of vaccine and not seeing any videos made on China, Russia, US, UK or are they having a very smooth time?

When you are seeing a news clipping of wheeling a stretcher for 100 times repeatedly in TV/ web news portals, scrolls of panic …actually you are developing an area in your brain for panic and the rest is story to you.

For example, if you practice mathematics for a longer time, you develop an area for the same in your brain and then you see numbers everywhere, correlation with numbers everywhere. This is what exactly happening now….You are seeing death everywhere.

So, should we ignore the situation?? No–

We can at the best do whatever is expected from us.

  1. Stay indoors, make maximum use of online purchases
  2. Maintain hygiene
  3. Spend judiciously so as to help the needy
  4. Wear masks, maintain social distancing
  5. parties, gatherings can wait
  6. Find out our hobbies and work upon that
  7. Maintain helping and serving attitude towards all.
  8. Try to find out innovative ideas for helping the patients during and after getting infected, in terms of designing masks to treatment protocols or whatever we are best at.

Bow down and the storm shall pass over you…This too shall pass.

Have a little more patience…as a man thinketh so he becomes or rather so he receives

Let peace prevail over the Universe—Aum Shantih, shantih, shantih

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