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କାଞ୍ଚି ବିଜୟ
October 26, 2023
Rollercoaster ride
November 12, 2023

I am not a fire cracker enthusiast, nor I am in favour of sound and air pollution. The step being taken today is quite harsh and could have been taken in an altered way at least before 40-50 years.
Sorry to say, though we know a city’s capacity and the future problems, for petty personal reasons our so-called representatives have never taken proper actions in time, forget about taking in advance.
I would like to suggest few solutions that can be implemented for Delhi.
1. Control production of vehicles at source.
2. Allow one vehicle per family.
3. Promote public transport
4. Move many major offices to outskirts or to other large cities.
5. Let I T offices be built outside Delhi, they can work from anywhere.
6. Mandate staying within 3km radius of offices and promote cycling.
7. Let the malls be shut for one day per week.
8. Movement after 9pm should be restricted.
9. Night clubs, dance bars to be banned.
10. Let there be some COVID era restrictions for Delhi alone . Complete shutdown on weekends.
11. Stubble burning alternatives and recycling of stubbles.
12. Biofuel and EVs to be promoted.
The crux of problems is restless minds, flaunting egos, selfishness. The entire country is being punished for these foolish bunch of Delhiites. Community fireworks with world class pomp and show can be conducted in 8-10 prominent corners, which can help uniting people together instead of blowing thousands of rupees on individual cracker bursting.
Rest of the country can follow the trend.
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