Diary of diagnostician
From the diary of a diagnostician……
April 10, 2022
Yoga day
April 10, 2022
Garden struggle

This was my struggle story of raising a garden in Karaikal…the soil salty and full of concrete, bricks and plastic sacks, water hard and salty, only equipment in hand being a screw driver and negative comments from my family n friends.. l started the sojourn with a Tagar plant and gradually expanded to hibiscus of different varieties. Only wish was to get some flowers for my tiny puja room. Probably the plants fathomed my inner wish and bestowed me with more than I needed…I offered all the flowers in Manas puja…after all can’t be partial to any of the flowers…they all were sweet but shortlived…they deserved to attain the lotus feet of the Almighty! My kids and the plants competed in height and the latter joyfully won. The small garden became inspiration for others and slowly many others raised their own gardens in the staff quarters premises…

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