Garden struggle
Garden struggle
April 10, 2022
Happy Mother's day
Happy Mother’s Day
April 10, 2022
Yoga day

whether it is Yoga, Yogaa or Yogasana day, definitely it is a positive movement across the globe. 

Yogasanas are a part of Ashtanga Yoga marga. If we just peep into our Puranas and Mahakavyas like Mahabharata and Ramayana, there’s no mention of any temples. It was through observing “Ashtanga Yoga marga” that people lived a happy and healthy life. 

Towards end of Dwapara yuga and beginning of Kaliyuga, the concept of idol worship came up when someone first built an idol of Lord Krishna so that they don’t forget such a magnetic persona, after almost 1000 years after His death. 

Then gradually temples came up, probably they were something like Dhyana kendras. If we analyse the architecture of temples, mosques and churches, they have one thing in common, all taper to the top. This very architecture helped in manifolding the sound of chants–Aum, Hum and Amen and coming down to the sadhaks with ultra-force. 

But sadly, we have deviated from the purpose of such halls, fighting over whether to build a temple or a mosque or a church at a particular place or trying to increase followers of a particular sect. Hence we are facing the consequences in the form of stress and diseases. 

It may jolt you if I say that currently we are in the ascending Dwapara yuga, Kaliyuga is over (Ref: The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswara Giri). I am very optimistic about the coming generation…a golden period in ensuing…let’s practice Yogasanas and then be Yoga-yuktas.

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