Health advices for students and teachers on online classes

Happy Women's day
Happy women’s day!
April 10, 2022
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Indo-onco summit 2019
April 10, 2022
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Few suggestions as a doctor and educator:

  1. Kindly ask the concerned teachers to check the classwork in the last 15 minutes one by one or randomly and meanwhile engage Yoga or Taekwondo teachers or the class monitor to make other kids do some exercises. Stretching exercises and eye relaxing exercises would be apt. By the time this pandemic gets over, we should not be lacking in health at least.
  2. Let the course be completed a little late but the daily work and proper attention should be there from kids.
  3. Changing of strategy off and on will catch them off-guard as well as keep building their interest in the class. Just imagine yourself as a child….you too would love to have surprises.
  4. Please ask them to write essays and involve them in elocution on a weekly basis with topics that would help in nation building. Instead of asking them what is their goal in life, let’s ask them how they want to contribute to their nation, what is payback, how to serve parents and the like.
  5. The generation next should be well-prepared for AI. Instead of imposing coding classes on them, ask ideas from them. you may actually bump across a few geniuses.

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