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April 10, 2022
Is astrology soothsaying
Is astrology soothsaying???
April 10, 2022
Indo onco summit

Last year I was attending a summit on cancer ‘Indo-onco summit 2019’ at Bhubaneswar where I presented a poster on how to heal cancer from the root by targeting cancer stem cell niche. I went from the hospital directly where my own aunt was getting operated for oral CA.

Professionals from all fields gathered to discuss about this deadly disease…Oncologists, oncosurgeons, pathologists and probably I was the lone Biochemist. Everyone of us are concerned because all of us feel…..

  1. Cancer is epidemic now
  2. The age of cancer has been preponed i.e. earlier cancer used to be a 5th decade disease but now it is affecting people in 20’s and 30’s also.
  3. Whatever treatment modalities are available, they don’t ensure complete healing…so once cancer is diagnosed, life is counted in 5 year-survival rate…the sword is always hanging over the head.

 Mankind has earned it…how…why…

Suddenly over years a quote has become very famous ‘My Life- My Rules’….one can sleep as and when felt like, one can eat anything, drink anything, booze, take drugs, go for late night parties. Freedom that was obtained was easily misconstrued to indiscipline. 

Every research paper now ends with a sentence that along with such and such treatment or precautions we need lifestyle modification. Now what is this life style modification?

 It concerns a disciplined life which our spiritual scriptures have emphatically told since ages. But sadly, those disciplined acts are considered as old-fashioned or orthodox. It speaks about when to wake up, when to study, when to eat, how much to eat, in which combination should we eat, how to spend, how to save,  how to meditate, when to sleep….etc. 

Hopefully we can see the goodness in all these and perpetuate the values. Now is the time …we should be alarmed to shake ourselves up from the wrong practices that we have ingrained over recent past of 30-40 years. What our fore-fathers did, we see the results today. What we’ll do today, will reflect in our children’s lives. 

Aum Shanti…Shanti…Shanti

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