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April 10, 2022
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April 10, 2022
Is astrology soothsaying

Recently an article came up that in Madhya Pradesh hospital outdoors there’ll be also a chamber for astrologers and soothsayers…soothsayers?? What a demeaning term for astrologers! 

Astrology is a pure Mathematics! For past so many days I was dwelling on the thought that how helpless we doctors (allopathic) are at times when it comes to diagnosis, still more helpless when the disease advances and we are at the mercy of a crippled science (Western medical science) which just sprinkles water on the leaves but never at the root…most helpless when it comes to prevention when we know the risk factors for a disease apparently …whereas if Astrology done properly, then one can know which disease one is going to suffer, what are the “Pratikaras” as per the rectification measures advised as per the planetary positions.

From a personal experience of mine, one highly educated Civil Engineering Professor read my horoscope and could predict retrospectively as to when I would have got refractive errors (vision defects). Rest other things what he predicted till date has come true also. When with awe I asked him how could he know about my vision defect he explained that it’s pure Mathematics and explained something that was beyond my perception.

Another recent past incidence…when my uncle (Mamu) fell ill and we were shifting him from ICU to ICU of the best of the best hospitals available and the doctors were just beating around the bush with many diagnoses, a famous astrologer could say which organ is involved and when he’s going to die without knowing anything about him. I showed the horoscope again to another housewife, who has mastered Astrology with her own interest…she could exactly predict the day when Mamu would breathe his last. And it came true!

Medical science has zeroed down to molecular level research and few people have tried with a “Genomepatri” which will predict the susceptibility to certain diseases…so it can be from one to many…but nowhere near to astrology.

When I was musing with the thought of epigenetic effects of planetary position might be regulating our genes and leading to diseases, my post-graduate student informed me that already some research is going on in BHU with astrology, astronomy and health effects… 

It’s a lesser known fact that our great astronomer “Pathani Samanta” was a great astrologer too. He used to make the horoscope of all the babies born in their village with help of a ‘sundial’. Ohhh…if I could go back to the era of his and learn the science, I could make the world a better place to stay.

Pathetically, today health definition has changed. If a new hospital is built authorities expect more number of patients presenting in the OPDs. Recently when I visited AIIMS Rishikesh, when found the campus deserted I was feeling happy within that at least with this magnanimous cocoon of nature probably health is maintained so well. But later I knew I was deluded— because of Saturday afternoon the effect was so. A faculty working there announced proudly rolling her eyes…”Bahut patients aate hain yahan”. That couldn’t make me overjoyed.

I know it won’t suit many, that am supporting astrology over medical diagnostics and treatments for health …not just I am a doctor but I’m a biochemist involved in Medical research too. But after observing the system for long I feel we are nowhere near the crux of health problems but just dragging on with superficial measures….little aware of the game of research, drug scams, statistics……

It’s high time we Indians delve deep into the ocean of ancient sciences ad find out the pearls…should we wait till some countries present us the knowledge that turmeric and neem are medicinal for us…and then struggle to secure the patents!!

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