Justice delayed is justice denied

Is astrology soothsaying
Is astrology soothsaying???
April 10, 2022
Journey from hotel to hospital
April 10, 2022

When the Hyderabad rape and heinous murder case flooded the social media and all news channels and newspapers…I didn’t even find an inkling of interest to pen an one-liner on my wall….that quite intrigued many …why am silent on this!!

Yawwwwn…what’ll happen…News headlines for a few days, people begging for justice for the victim on roads with candle light march….news will be pushed to the last page to a corner and we march on insecure, fragile, adapting to the fearful environment, restricting and guarding our daughters. But the recent event of police encounter really jolted me to sit up and write this….yessss….this is something! Had it been done on a fast track court within the capacity of judiciary, I would have felt yes, Achchhe din aa gaye…but still this is nothing less than achchhe din!

The pictures of my dances I have posted are not mere pics…the emotion that I have shown here are the pent up emotions of what I wanted to do but could never do in real life…I would like every girl to do this to their molesters who want to fiddle with their bodies.

By God’s grace as a young girl though I’ve not undergone such an unbearable trauma; in minimal way like every girl and woman I have faced this…the lust-laden heavy breaths behind the neck while travelling in a crowded train or bus, insecurely trotting fast while returning in late evening, the pinches, squeezes, brushing past of someone knowingly harshly against us, the incest……

Let me tell how it feels….it doesn’t please any girl to be touched by males (probably a misconception in many male minds that girls feel privileged by such acts) without their permission…especially in India, where women get inclined to a single male person (Exceptions might be there), the concept of “Sati”, very much prevalent in our era at least.

In such unfortunate cases at least I felt if I could, I shall give a strong blow on the face of the beast, put him down and stand on his neck till he bleeds to unconsciousness…when studied Medical Science, felt like castrating, after watching Bahubali, felt like picking up the rascals and throw them to a 2 meter distance at least….but alas! Never could go to that extent…though I have taken some minimal revenge like pricking the wriggling finger from behind with a safety pin very harshly…squeezing the feet of the scoundrel standing behind severely with my pointed heels….

Over 3-4 decades things are worsening…with 140 crore population and a hypocrite society, it is not easy to administer punishment to the culprit. To hell with those who talk against this encounter…they can understand if they get woman’s birth or face similar situation by themselves or if their daughter, sister or any near and dear one suffers thus. I hail this encounter act…it must have brought peace to many crying hearts…known and unknown.

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