Happy Mother's day
Happy Mother’s Day
April 10, 2022
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April 10, 2022
Happy Women's day

Really, is it an occasion to celebrate? Why there’s no Men’s day? When we consider male and female as complementary to each other and each have equal roles to play in the nature why special attention to women? Even if Men’s day exists, it is not celebrated with equal fervour.

We give special attention to our special children who are weaker as compared to the other ones, physically or mentally. Doesn’t this celebration show that we are weak? “Shakti” (Women are considered the driving force of the Universe in Indian scripture), the energy source is being celebrated for being weak!! Today we are asking for gender equality!!

 Definitely with increasing crime rates against women, daily news of rapes and molestations, honour killings etc have made us to do so. But the root cause is somewhere else.

Women suffer due to women in most of the cases. In most of the Dowry killings first the names of MIL and SIL is raised…so are the cases of other crimes.

Then what about rapes and molestations? Women are definitely not involved in that. Correct..but had the mothers taught their sons to respect women from the childhood, rectified their lewd deviations at the first instance, world would have been a better place to stay.

However strong may be the judiciaries, however much women quotas may we generate, unless until women stand for themselves as well as for other women, simultaneously rectifying the grassroot level problems, no celebration is going to work.

Mitochondria, “the power house of cell” is totally contributed by the mother. Need we produce more evidence that we are the Shakti, we are the POWER!!! 

Days will be observed, stories will be published, awards will be given away, women-centric movies will be made….yet it is for a short-while. It is upon the women who can uplift themselves and each other and make a conducive environment for everyone to live in.

As natural attributes women are conferred with vices like jealousy, selfishness, ego, self-centeredness…which they have to recognise themselves and transcend beyond manifesting their good attributes like kindness, compassion, sacrificing attitude.

Let gender equality be not misunderstood for doing everything that males do….rather it should be maintaining feminism with power, equal rights, taking equal responsibilities as well.

Happy International Women’s Day to all.

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