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Letter to Editor on Odisha Bundh
April 10, 2022
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April 10, 2022
Life fast forward

Tadasha- Alpha; a girl from 2118

Dev, Supraja, Tejas- Children of present day

Dev, Supraja and Tejas are chatting with each other holding a book, a bicycle and a cell phone.

Dev: Hey, look! I see some light over there.

Supraja: Oh! You day dreamer! You are always day-dreaming. You are always in the land of aliens (mockingly smiles).

Dev: Hmm…(angrily)…look at that it’s even getting bigger.

Tejas: Yes (with astonishment)! I too see that. Hey, it’s getting bigger. Let’s run from here. Am so afraid (with fear)

Dev: Hey! You chicken-hearted boy. Wait I’ll handle it.

Supraja: No Dev, aliens are good for storybooks, it does look like a real UFO. Let’s hide somewhere.

Dev: Wait….someone is there…who’s there? (Stammering) who’s there? 

Tadasha (Alpha): Don’t worry. I’m Alpha. You can call me your friend.

Dev: Alpha…hmmm…where did you come from? And why should we believe you?

Alpha: I’ve come with a mission. I want you to take you all with me to our time.

All three: What!!! How!!! How have YOU come here?

Alpha: It’s pretty easy.  I’ve come here by time machine. 

Dev: But what does Time machine did to you that you came here?

Alpha: Simple. Time machine converted me into energy and transmitted me here and again materialized me to my present form.

Supraja: Ummmm…Couldn’t understand how. But anyway from your dress and talks I feel you are truly from some other time.

Other two nodded.

Alpha: Hey! What’s that you are leaning on?

Tejas: Oh! That’s a cycle. What do you do to travel in your land? We kids travel by this…then when we grow up we have bikes and cars.

Alpha: Strange! I’d read something like your cycle. We travel by flying discs…no pollution, high speed and very convenient. For longer distances this Time Machine.

Supraja: Hey! What’s your name? I totally forgot to ask your name? I’m Supraja, he’s Tejas and he’s Dev the Don (giggles).

Alpha: Why do I need a name? We are all the same in our time. We all do the same work. We can read minds of each other. So just we have to think and the other person knows about our wants.

Rest 3 look at each other in dismay. How???

Alpha: What are you holding in your hand Tejas?

Tejas: It’s a book?

Alpha: Book?

Tejas: Yes, a story book. An imaginary incident is recorded in elaboration. 

Alpha: Give it to me, let me see. Hey, where is it’s power button? You don’t have a charging point.

Rest 3 laugh aloud….

Supraja: What? (Laugh) It’s a book , now don’t say that you haven’t seen a book. We get lot of knowledge out of it. What you people have?

Alpha: (Swings her hands in air) Here. Whatever information you want it’s available here. It’s a virtual screen.

But Supraja what sound you made?

Dev: What do you mean what sound (shrugs)! She laughed at your naiveté. Now you don’t tell that laughing is new for you.

Supraja and Tejas go around Alpha looking from top to toe.

Both: Correct! She’s just queer. She doesn’t have any emotions…no laugh, no sadness, no excitement..whoa! How do you live even!

Alpha: We don’t need any emotions. We can feel each other’s feeling. No pretentions, no lies and hence no emotions.

Come to our world and see how simple life is.

Rest 3 look at each other…

Dev: Sorry buddy! We are fine with our slower pace. At least we have emotions. We feel for each other.

Tejas: Sometimes we feel sad but then when we get smaller happiness we feel so ecstatic!

Supraja: OMG! Your world is soooooo boring! If you give me 1000 crores also I’ll think twice before going to your world. You please go back. We are happy with what we have.

Alpha: OK. I can study your minds. In next 20 years also you’ll not join me to visit our world. But I too don’t understand how you people live with so many variations.

Rest 3: Bye bye buddy…and take this book as a gift from your forefathers…all laugh aloud

Alpha tries to laugh but fails …..disappears into dark.

Rest 3: Hooof! Was that a nightmare! Who can live like that…we don’t want our life fast forward…nooooo.

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